DRO Application Checklist

Before you start

Before you start

To help ensure you get a response from the Decision Review Office as quickly as possible, please have the information you need ready before completing the application.



  • You must request the review within 90 days of the original decision date.
  • You must be a decision related to the Workers' Compensation Act, the Firefighter’s Compensation Act and the Workplace Health and Safety and Commission and Worker’s Compensation Appeals Tribunal Act.*
  • See also: What are possible reasons my decision may not be reviewed?

Required information: 

  • Claim number 
  • Date of original decision 
  • Reason for disagreeing with the decision 
  • Your contact information 




Frequently asked questions

Yes, the Decision Review Office will inform you in writing if your decision review application can proceed. 

The original decision maker is the person who is assigned to your claim. Their name appears on your official decision letter.  

Your original decision date is located on the top left hand of our decision letter. 

  • It is not the type of decision we review. The decision must be made under the Workers’ Compensation Act (WC Act), Firefighters’ Compensation Act (FC Act) or the Workplace Health Safety and Compensation Commission and Workers’ Compensation Appeals Tribunal Act (WHSCC & WCAT Act)
  • The decision isn’t within our legal scope. Examples: New Brunswick’s Workers’ Compensation Appeals Tribunal (WCAT) has decided on the matter already or WorkSafeNB has communicated a policy change to ensure clients know what to expect in advance that may impact a decision (ex. change in travel expenses).
  • The decision isn’t ready for a review. Examples: new information submitted with the decision review application and needs to be send to the original decision maker, actions occurring at the initial level that impact the disputed issue, etc.
  • The decision is not in scope of our reviews. Client service complaints, occupational health and safety matter or privacy breach have other review procedures.
  • The application does not fall within required timeframe. The DRO does not reviews decisions made before January 1, 2020. In addition, the application must be made within 90 days of the original decision. (There are exceptions if the DRO determines the late application is justified. Please see policy for more detail on the types of situations that may be justified.)
  • The application is incomplete. We can’t complete a review when there is missing information. See our checklist to make sure you provide all requirements.
  • The original decision did not address information pertaining to the matter being disputed.

Yes, you can add up to 10 decisions for review. In the Decision Review section, select Add Another Decision.

When attaching multiple documents, select them all from the dialogue box at the same time. Select Choose Files, select ALL of the documents you want to attach, then choose Open. You will then see the files you selected on the screen.

If you select the reason, it will automatically scroll to the appropriate field on the screen, allowing you to correct it.

*Note: To appeal an OHS Act-related decision (order, penalty, etc.), please complete the Notice of Appeal (order, advice or administrative penalty) form.


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