OHS Appeals, Deviations and Variances

The Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Act includes provisions for appeals, deviations and joint health and safety committee meeting variances.


If you disagree with an order, administrative penalty or advice (during the right to refuse process) you received from a health and safety officer, it is possible to file an appeal with the Chief Compliance Officer. More information on OHS appeals can be found on the appeals page.


An employer may request a deviation from the regulations under certain conditions as set out under the OHS Act. In order to receive permission to deviate, the employer must supply the Chief Compliance Officer with an explanation of how the proposed alternative measures provide protection to workers that is equal to or greater than the protection provided by the regulation. More information on OHS deviations can be found on the deviation page.


In cases where your place of employment presents a low risk to the health or safety of employees, you may be eligible for a reduction in the frequency of the joint health and safety committee meetings.  More information on JHSC variances can be found on the variance page

What happens when I submit a request?

All requests for appeals, deviations and variances are reviewed by the Chief Compliance Officer. The Chief Compliance Officer conducts further investigations upon these matters, as necessary and issues a written decision.  


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