JHSC Variance

Section 16 of the NB Occupational Health and Safety Act allows your Joint Health and Safety Committee (JHSC) to reduce the frequency of its meetings if certain conditions are met. The first step is to apply for a variance to the Chief Compliance Officer (CCO). 

The CCO will then evaluate the request and render a decision based on the following criteria: 

  1. The nature of employment at the workplace- only those workplaces presenting a low risk to the health and safety of employees are eligible. For example, variances will not be considered if the workplace is involved in construction, manufacturing, forestry or health care.
  2. The committee is effective. To demonstrate effectiveness, the employer will be required to provide the CCO copies of:

i. The JHSC minutes for a 12-month period;

ii. The JHSC’s terms of reference;

iii. The certificates of completion proving that all the JHSC members have attended the mandatory JHSC educational training program.

3. The variance request is endorsed by the committee’s co-chairs.

4. The variance request is supported by WorkSafeNB’s Health and Safety Team.

Variances may be granted for a period up to two years and may be revoked should conditions change. 

If your JHSC meets the above eligibility criteria and your JHSC would like to reduce the frequency of its meetings, you can fill out the variance request form







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