Policy development process

Engaging with WorkSafeNB's Policy Development Process  

WorkSafeNB continuously reviews and updates our policies to ensure they are relevant. 

We actively collaborate with workers and employers to develop policies that align with compensation and workplace safety legislation. WorkSafeNB is committed to building a strong, stable, and sustainable system that promotes good governance and sound legislative foundations. 

We welcome and value your feedback in shaping the future of workplace health and safety. 

Your Feedback Matters 

WorkSafeNB’s board of directors welcome, encourage and value stakeholder engagement in our decision-making process, including policy decisions. Each quarter, WorkSafeNB posts upcoming policies scheduled for review, welcoming your input.  

We follow the process established in Policy 41-004 Governance - Policy Development. This process identifies policies that are a priority for review or development and sets an annual policy review schedule.  

Our board of directors is committed to balancing your feedback with the parameters of governing legislation and the strategic direction of WorkSafeNB. 

Providing Feedback 

To contribute to WorkSafeNB policies, please use our feedback form to provide suggestions on how we can improve our policies.  

Each consultation is open for 30 days. 

If you have any questions about the WorkSafeNB policy process, please connect with us. 

Policies Under Review (closed for 2023):  

Policy 23-610 SAFIS 

The purpose of this policy is to describe the operation of the Safety Achievement Financial Incentive System (SAFIS). 

Fee Schedule 29-551 Hearings Aids and Batteries 

Fee schedule outlines the provision of hearing aids and the responsibilities for the care and upkeep of hearing aids. 

Policy 25-001 Medical Aid Principles 

WorkSafeNB has the legislated authority to determine the necessity, character, and sufficiency of medical aid required to treat an injury by accident under s. 41(1) and 41(3) of the WC Act. The principles in this policy guide WorkSafeNB’s discretion in arranging and paying for this medical aid. 

WorkSafeNB is committed to making medical aid decisions that are evidence based.  

Policy 37-110 New Brunswick Industrial Aggregate Earnings  

WorkSafeNB is required by the Workers Compensation Act to calculate the percent increase in the Consumer Price Index and adjust New Brunswick Industrial Aggregate Earnings, maximum annual earnings, and maximum yearly assessable earnings effective for the first of January each year. 

Policy 21-113 Decision-making 

WorkSafeNB uses a disciplined decision-making framework for all its decisions which is based on case law and statutory rules of evidence.  

Policy 21-104 Conditions for Entitlement – Tests of Time, Place, Activity 

The purpose of this policy is to further define the criteria used to identify if an accident meets the tests of time, place and activity. As outlined in Policy 21-100 Conditions for Entitlement – General Principles, WorkSafeNB applies these three tests, along with other information (e.g., medical information), when deciding if an accident arose out of and in the course of employment.  

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