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No. Insurance rates are based solely on the relative hazards of the operation and the organization’s accident experience, not on whether workers have disabilities.

New Brunswick’s Occupational Health and Safety Act regulations have broad requirements for safe storage of materials (section 16). Another section (216–2(b) and 2(c)), prescribes the width of aisles when industrial lift trucks are used in the vicinity, a high probability in large box stores.

16 An employer shall ensure that materials, machines or equipment are not stored or located in a place of employment so as to create a hazard to an employee.


216(2) An employer shall ensure that an industrial lift truck is not operated:


(b) in a one-way aisle, unless the width of the aisle equals at least the width of the vehicle or load being carried, whichever is wider, plus 600 mm, or


(c) in a two-way aisle, unless the width of the aisle equals at least twice the width of the vehicle or load, whichever is wider, plus 900 mm.

As for requirements for suggestions boxes, they are not mandatory. That being said, a member of the general public may voice the safety concern to an employee, manager or owner of the retail store. Any employee may report the concern to a supervisor or joint health and safety committee member.

Any workplace health or safety concern can be reported to WorkSafeNB at 1 800 999-9775.

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