Propose a legislative amendment

If you have feedback or a suggestion concerning WorkSafeNB legislation, we would like to hear from you. Our board of directors values stakeholder views and encourages you to share your legislative concerns directly with them.

In addition, we maintain an active list of stakeholder associations and groups, and suggests you discuss your issue with the appropriate group. Other New Brunswickers may share your views and concerns, and you can add your voice to their position.

While legislative issues can be raised at any time, the board determines its priorities and focus for the year during its annual strategic planning and risk assessment process in March and April.

Legislative amendments include both changes to existing legislation or regulations, and also the development of new legislation or regulations. If you would like to bring forward your personal legislative concern, or you represent an association, please submit your legislative proposal in writing to:

Office of the President and CEO, and Chairperson
Attn: Executive Assistant – President and CEO and Chairperson
1 Portland Street
P.O. Box 160
Saint John, N.B. E2L 3X9

You may also email your proposal to:

Your written proposal should contain a description of the legislative issue and why it presents a problem, changes you think might solve the problem, and your reason for the suggested change. Click here for a form that outlines how a legislative amendment proposal could look.

If you have any questions regarding this process, please call 1 800 999-9775, ext. 2385.

How will my issue be addressed?

Once identified, we will review and research your issue to determine if it's a priority. Before making a decision, the board analyzes all information available on the issue, including best practices and possible solutions, and must consider both worker and employer needs. A decision must also reflect WorkSafeNB's vision and mission. To gather feedback, we consult with stakeholders through a variety of ways, such as technical committees and online consultations. The research, consultation process and evaluation of a proposal for legislative change is an extensive process, and can take several years. The board may recommend a change in practice, policy, or a legislative amendment, or it may decide not to move forward with any changes.

While the provincial government ultimately decides whether to pass a legislative amendment or not, the board will recommend the change to the provincial government, and will work closely with stakeholders and government to ensure all parties understand why a legislative amendment is required. If government approves the proposed legislation, the board will work with stakeholders and workplaces to communicate the changes.

How will I stay informed on the status of my issue?

We will acknowledge your proposal by sending a written response outlining how your issue is being handled.

In addition, WorkSafeNB keeps stakeholders informed of all public policy decisions by publishing a variety of public documents, including WorkSafeNB's:


Shaping Legislation (pamphlet)
Proposal For A Legislative Amendment (form)
Policy No. 41-002: Governance Statement
Policy No: 41-003: Governance - Stakeholder Engagement
Policy No. 41-011: Governance - Engaging Stakeholder Technical Committees in Legislative and Regulatory Reform

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