Report an Injury or Illness

In the event of an accident, injury or occupational disease at work, you must immediately:

  • Report the accident to your employer as soon as possible and in accordance with the workplace procedure set by your employer for accident reporting.
  • Get medical treatment, if required, and advise the treating physician that this is a work-related injury so that the medical reports can be forwarded to WorkSafeNB as soon as possible.
  • A complete report (Form 67 - Report of Accident or Occupational Disease) must be made for any injury resulting in:
    • Medical costs.
    • Wage loss.
    • Inability to perform your regular work duties beyond the accident date.

If the above conditions apply, together with your employer, complete a Form 67 and ensure the report is forwarded to WorkSafeNB within three days. If there is disagreement between you and your employer, you must still complete a Form 67 and forward it to WorkSafeNB immediately. Please note: you and your employer cannot agree not to report the accident.

What is an accident?
Under the Workers' Compensation Act, an accident can be one of the following:
(i) a wilful and intentional act, not being the act of the worker who suffers the accident; or
(ii) a chance event or incident occasioned by a physical or natural cause; or
(iii) a disablement caused by an occupational disease; or
(iv) a disablement or disabling condition; all arising out of and in the course of employment.
It does not include the disablement of mental stress or disablement caused by mental stress, unless it is a result of an acute reaction to a traumatic event.
What is an occupational disease?
Any disease that is peculiar to or characteristic of a particular industrial process, trade or occupation, and which is declared to be an occupational disease by regulation.

Your post-accident responsibilities

  • Keep your appointments with your health care providers (physicians, physical therapists, chiropractors, etc.).
  • Ask your health care providers to send reports to WorkSafeNB.
  • Follow the treatment plans developed by your health care providers.
  • Advise WorkSafeNB if you stop working or need to change your duties because of your injury.
  • Keep receipts for expenses directly related to your workplace injury.

Your employer's responsibilities

  • Provide or pay the cost of immediate transportation from the injury site to a medical treatment facility.
  • IMMEDIATELY call 1 800 999-9775 to report the following incidents:
    • A loss of consciousness
    • Amputations
    • Fractures (other than fingers and toes)
    • Burns requiring medical attention beyond first aid treatment
    • Loss of vision in one or both eyes
    • Deep lacerations requiring medical attention beyond first aid treatment
    • Worker admission to a hospital as a an in-patient
    • Fatalities
    • Any accidental explosion or exposure to a biological, chemical or physical agent, whether or not a person is injured
    • Any catastrophic event or equipment failure that results, or could have resulted in an injury
    • Within three days of notification  if the scenario does not fit any of the descriptions above. 

Your health care provider's responsibilities

  • Send their reports to WorkSafeNB as soon as possible.
  • Help you understand what is wrong and what can be done to assist your recovery.

Print out a PDF of the Form 67.


Workers' Compensation  - A Guide for New Brunswick Workers

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