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Your claim has been accepted, and you're on your way to getting better. What's next? Let's ensure you have the information to help guide you along. Among our favourite tools are MyServices, Working to Well and About Your Benefits. 



MyServices is a confidential and secure online service to help you stay connected with us.


Working to Well

Check out Working to Well, a website with tips, testimonials, videos and more for workers like you.

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Working to Well
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Your benefits

Learn about WorkSafeNB benefits available to you.

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 Here are some ways to help:

  • Actively participate in any health care treatment as part of your recovery plan.
  • Provide your WorkSafeNB claim manager with any updates or barriers to your recovery plan.
  • Explore modified duties with your employer.
  • Stay in touch with your co-workers.

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Getting back is part of getting better.

Your employer plays a primary role in your entire recovery process, from reaching out to WorkSafeNB and health care partners, to providing modified duties.

Your employer will:

  • Keep in touch with you throughout the recovery process;
  • Offer meaningful and productive modified duties or other suitable work that is safe and within your capabilities;
  • Ensure supervisors and co-workers support you during recovery; and
  • Communicate and collaborate with all return-to-work partners, including WorkSafeNB and health care providers.

Case management is a way of co-ordinating the treatments and services you need to get better with everyone involved in your case – you, your employer and your health care providers. Case managers are dedicated to supporting you in your recovery and return to work as soon as it is safe. Your WorkSafeNB case manager is your main contact with WorkSafeNB and all other team members, and is responsible for overseeing your rehabilitation and return-to-work plan. Other team members may include an occupational therapist, physiotherapist, rehabilitation specialist and medical adviser.

Reach out to your claim manager or call our enquiries team at 1 800 999-9775.

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