After your claim closes

At times, you may need additional help after your claim closes (you no longer receive WorkSafeNB benefits). You may need, for example, further medical aid for your previously approved work-related (compensable) injury or illness. Examples include chiropractic service, physiotherapy, TENS machine supplies, footwear, gloves and glasses. You could also experience a flare-up from a previous injury or illness that requires medical treatment or time off work. 

If either need occurs within three months of your claim closing, contact your claim manager directly. For all others, see below.


Medical aid

Medical aid

Sometimes you need further medical treatment or services to help you recover or manage your work-related injury or illness.

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While we hope you don't experience a flare-up, it can sometimes happen. See your next steps.

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Please call our enquiries team at 1 800 999-9775.

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