Getting back is part of getting better


WorkSafeNB Launches Inspiring Ad Campaign to Highlight the Vital Role of Work in Recovery

Returning to work is a crucial aspect of recovery from workplace injury, and WorkSafeNB is shining a light on this important message through their latest ad campaign, "Getting back is part of getting better." The campaign reminds workers and employers across New Brunswick that work plays a vital role in the healing process.

"At WorkSafeNB, our commitment is to help those who have been injured on the job. This latest ad campaign, 'Getting back is part of getting better,' underscores the importance of work in the recovery process, “said Tim Petersen, WorkSafeNB’s President and CEO. “We know that a safe return to work is not only a step towards physical healing, but a step towards restoring one's sense of self and getting back to the things that bring joy and fulfillment to our lives.”

In 2021, more than 3,400 New Brunswickers lost time from work due to a workplace injury. While we have made great strides in recent years in our return-to-work efforts and results, every single day matters, and we can’t succeed alone. Creating safe and sustainable work arrangements for injured workers takes teamwork. It takes a collective effort from workers, employers, and health care providers to shift the focus from limitations to abilities, and that's where the real impact is felt.

Going back to work not only brings financial stability but also keeps people active and provides a renewed sense of purpose. It's a win-win situation as research shows that work can help speed up the healing process. Employers also reap the benefits of return-to-work programs - they keep productivity up, retain skilled and experienced workers, reduce the costs of recruiting new talent, and lower claim costs which can ultimately lead to lower assessment premiums. So, it's truly a team effort that leads to success.

“It is so important to remember that recovery is a gradual process, and that getting back into action, at work, at home and in the community is an integral part of healing,” said Dr. Paul Atkinson, Professor at Dalhousie Medicine, New Brunswick and Chief Medical Officer for WorkSafeNB. “The connections, purpose and engagement, as well as the financial benefits of being active are all important.”

The 'Getting back is part of Getting Better' campaign, developed by WorkSafeNB in collaboration with other Atlantic workers' compensation organizations, is just one aspect of our ongoing efforts to mitigate the substantial human and economic repercussions of workplace injuries in the region.






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