Workplace injuries hurt the most at home

Have you seen WorkSafeNB’s new television ads?

Our new advertising campaign, Workplace Injuries Hurt the Most at Home, was launched October 1, 2018.The commercials  reinforce our injury prevention focus through social marketing, building on our previous Careful campaign. Both series of ads serve to remind us that there’s more than our own health and safety at stake – workplace injuries hurt those we love, as well.

The ads communicate the emotional and personal impact of a workplace injury – that a workplace injury can be devastating for not only the worker, but also their spouse, their children and their community. They are a powerful reminder to work safely, as people will do things for their loved ones they wouldn’t necessarily do for themselves.

The three ads tell the stories of three different workplace injuries, representing three different types of workplaces: Water Fight is about a homecare worker’s struggle with a back injury; The Recital shows a factory worker’s struggle with hearing loss; and Dinner relays the tragic tale of a construction worker’s family coping with his death. 

Our goal with the ads is to portray the truth. And the truth is that living with a back injury, hearing loss, the death of a loved one, each and every day, is often felt the most during what often seems to be life’s more ordinary moments – a waterfight in the backyard, your child’s piano recital, family dinner.

Check them out again, or for the first time. We’d love to hear what you think of the ads – let us know here.


Discussion Guides

The discussion guides accompanying each of our television ads will help steer the safety conversation at your workplace. Use them before and after watching our ads at your next JHSC meeting or toolbox talk. 

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