Turn off the engine and turn your mind to safe parking

WorkSafeNB asks operators of industrial lift trucks, vehicles and all powered mobile equipment to turn off the engine and turn your mind to safe parking to prevent accidents at work. The New Brunswick Occupational Health and Safety Act, outlines the safe parking procedures for each type of equipment. Refresh yourself with these procedures on our OHS Guide app and print off the posters for your workplace.



230.4(2) An operator of a vehicle MUST, when leaving the vehicle unattended, park it on level ground and set the brake.

Other preventive measures could be necessary, such as:

    • Positioning the vehicle parallel to the edge of the ditch, depression or slope.
    • Placing chocks under the wheels to prevent any movement.
    • Setting up safety cones to mark the work area.

Powered mobile equipment

228 An operator of powered mobile equipment MUST

      (c) when leaving the equipment unattended,

(i) park it on level ground,

(ii) set the brake,

(iii) lower the blades and bucket or safely block them,

(iv) disengage the master clutch,

(v) stop the engine, and

(vi) remove the key.

Industrial lift truck

217(1) An operator of an industrial lift truck MUST NOT leave the truck unattended unless the operator

(a) stops the engine,

(b) sets the brakes,

(c) parks on a level surface, and

(d) lowers the hoisting mechanism so that the tips of the forks touch the floor.

Download the posters for printing: 
Powered mobile equipment, Vehicles, Industrial lift truck

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Order Safe Parking stickers for your fleet of vehicles, industrial lift trucks and powered mobile equipment.

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