Young and new workers

Our vision at WorkSafeNB is healthy and safe workplaces in New Brunswick. We envision a future with no workplace injuries, illnesses or deaths. These are all preventable and we must view them as preventable.

Young and new workers are particularly vulnerable to workplace injuries. Their energy, enthusiasm and need for increased challenges and responsibilities can prompt them to take on job tasks they are not prepared to do safely. Lacking experience or confidence, they are often reluctant to ask questions of their employer or speak up when they encounter a dangerous situation. What’s more, young New Brunswickers often work seasonally and temporarily, often in high-risk industries.

They may not know they have these rights. But they do, just like all New Brunswick workers. That is the law. Worker safety comes first.

Employers and supervisors, take extra care of your new charges. Be approachable and willing to answer questions. Asking a question can save someone from an injury or death. Remember that all new workers require an orientation and job-specific training before they begin work at the workplace.

But reducing workplace injuries is going to require more than just compliance with New Brunswick laws. WorkSafeNB works tirelessly with employers and workers to create a culture of workplace safety in New Brunswick, a philosophy that permeates daily activities and continues to grow and be nurtured.

Supporting new and young workers is an important key in fostering a long-term safety culture. That is where New Brunswick parents come in. We need your support. By helping your children embrace safety in all aspect of their lives, and especially as they enter the workforce, you can help them stay safe. 

For more information, please visit: Information for young and new workers.

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