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Workers' Compensation Coverage

In New Brunswick, workers' compensation is administered through a no-fault insurance system set up under the Workers' Compensation Act. The system is designed to protect employers and workers by compensating injured workers and protecting employers from being sued by workers who are injured on the job.

Am I covered?

Whether or not you are covered by workers' compensation insurance depends upon two factors:

  • The size and type of business run by your employer.
  • Your relationship with your employer.

Size and type of business run by your employer

All workers employed in industries where three or more workers are employed at the same time are generally covered. There are however, some exceptions to this rule, such as the fishing industry, where coverage is only mandated where 25 or more workers are at the same time usually employed.

Your relationship with your employer

Workers excluded from workers' compensation coverage are family members of the employer who reside with the employer and are under 16 years of age, persons employed as domestic servants, armed forces personnel, professional athletes and members of the RCMP.

Making sure

If you are not sure if you are covered, ask your employer if the business has workers' compensation insurance for its employees. You can also call WorkSafeNB's Assessments Inquiry line at 1 800 222-9775.

When am I covered?

Your workers' compensation coverage is in place from the time you arrive on your employer's property or job site until the time you leave, provided you are there for work-related purposes. There are some conditions under which you are covered while travelling to and from work, but WorkSafeNB reviews these cases individually.

Do I have to pay for my coverage?

No. Employers are not permitted to collect contributions toward your workers' compensation coverage from your earnings.

As well, if you work for an employer that must have workers' compensation insurance, but has neglected to pay their annual premium, you are still covered in the event you are injured at work.


Workers' Compensation: A guide for New Brunswick workers 

Direct-Pay Prescription Drug Program

The WorkSafeNB Direct-Pay Prescription Drug Program is an online prescription drug program available in all pharmacies throughout New Brunswick and the Atlantic provinces. 

When your claim is accepted by WorkSafeNB you are entitled to the benefits of this prescription drug program. This program covers the direct cost of drugs prescribed to treat your work-related injury or illness.  It is administered by WorkSafeNB through the Medavie Blue Cross system.

Learn more about how the program works with our Frequently Asked Questions and Fact Sheet.


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