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Employers are legally obligated under section 9 of the Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Act to provide occupational health and safety training to their employees. In addition, employers must also ensure training for all joint health and safety committee (JHSC) members, and for designated first aid responders.

WorkSafeNB believes we need to work more closely with New Brunswick’s workplaces to improve workplace health and safety. As there are many reputable and knowledgeable agencies that can deliver health and safety training, we will focus our resources and services to work more directly with our province’s workplaces and will no longer offer workshops. Instead, we will approve agencies to deliver the JHSC Educational Training Program.

WorkSafeNB does not make recommendations or provide a list of available health and safety training providers as it would be difficult to collect the names of every health and safety provider, list their services, and to keep such a list updated, as new businesses start up every day, while others may close or move. It is up to the employer to ensure that any provider they hire will meet their training needs. We encourage organizations looking for service providers to search the Internet, look through the Yellow Pages and ask your network of colleagues for recommendations or referrals

We will only continue to publish lists of approved first aid training providers and JHSC training providers.


List of approved first aid training providers

List of approved JHSC training providers  (Check for updates)

There will be three options for training delivery of the JHSC workshops:
1. 18 hr in class instruction
2. Blended (6 hr) in-class instruction
3. Blended (6 hr) virtual instruction (New)
A blended option includes five e-courses and one day of in-class instruction or one day virtual instruction. Register here for the e-courses, as part of the blended option.

Apply to become a JHSC training provider

Please email training.formation@ws-ts.nb.ca  if you are interested in having one of your employees become a JHSC trainer for your workplace.

Apply to become a first aid training provider



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