At WorkSafeNB, the client is the priority. As part of our commitment to supporting workers while they recover from workplace injuries, we have changed the way we manage opioids.

Opioids are a class of synthetic narcotic medications usually prescribed for treating pain associated with injury, disease or surgery. While opioids have therapeutic purposes, there are serious risks associated with their use including addiction, overdose and death.


With that in mind, Policy 25-012 Medical Aid – Opioids was reviewed as part of its 60-month review cycle, and included extensive consultation with members of New Brunswick's medical community and the general public. As a result, we have updated the policy to align with provincial and national guidelines.

We have developed a fact sheet for opioid prescribers with a high-level summary of the changes, and an opioid conversion table for your convenience. Please print this document for a quick reference guide. 

We hope you will support us as we implement these improvements for our patients in New Brunswick. 

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