Hurt at work? Start the claim process.

If you are hurt on the job, WorkSafeNB is here to help with your recovery, rehabilitation and safe return to work. We are responsible for ensuring that injured workers get the medical aid they need for the treatment of work-related injuries and provide financial benefits to help protect you and your family from the economic impact of a workplace injury.   

What to do when you're injured at work

Report your workplace injury immediately to your employer.
Your employer is responsible for getting you any necessary first aid, and for transporting you to a medical facility if necessary. Be sure to keep in touch with your employer if you must be off work.


Seek medical attention.
Your medical practitioner may recommend treatment for your injury and refer you to other health care practitioners. Be sure to ask about modified work duties and activities you can do at home to help your recovery. Always let your health care provider know that you were injured at work.


Report your injury to us
If you’ve lost time from work and/or need medical treatment beyond first aid, you’ll next need to complete WorkSafeNB’s Application for Workers’ Compensation Benefits. For occupational hearing loss claims, please complete the Application for Benefits - Occupational Hearing Loss form. Even though your employer will contact us, it's important that you contact us too.

Reporting your injury or illness as soon as possible is important! It helps ensure you get the help you need. 


Before you start your application, have the following information ready:

  1. Medicare and social insurance number
  2. Employer contact name, phone number and address
  3. Details of your injury or illness, including date it happened and location
  4. Name of your health care provider and date of visit, if you received medical treatment
  5. Pay stubs (proof of income) for the four weeks before stopping work, if applying for wage replacement
  6. Void cheque or banking numbers (branch, financial institution and account) 

IMPORTANT: Save the form to your computer or network drive BEFORE you start. Not doing so could result in loss of information. If opening the form in a web browser, we recommend using Internet Explorer or Edge.


It can be overwhelming to know what to do if you’re hurt at work. If it happens, follow these three simple steps.

  • First, report the injury to your supervisor. Your supervisor may ask you to complete a form with information about the injury. Your employer will also report your injury to WorkSafeNB. Under the WC Act, you must report your  injury or illness as soon as practicable or before voluntarily leaving your workplace.
  • Second, get the medical treatment you need. When you do, let your health care provider know you were hurt at work. The doctor will complete some paperwork which will help WorkSafeNB to make decisions on your claim and manage your injury. 
  • Third, if you miss time from work or must see a health care provider for more than just first aid, because you are hurt at work, report your injury to WorkSafeNB.

To be eligible for workers' compensation payments, you must work for an employer insured under WorkSafeNB and experience a work-related injury or illness. As part of the claims process, a WorkSafeNB employee will review several pieces of information before making a decision regarding your eligibility. If you are unsure, we encourage you to submit an Application for Workers’ Compensation Benefits.

After you have informed your supervisor of your workplace injury and received the medical treatment you need, complete the Application for Workers’ Compensation Benefits. You can email this to us You also have the option to print the form and submit it by fax to 1 888 629-4722 or mail to our head office.


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Stay connected

Work is good. It provides social connection and a sense of purpose, leading to positive physical and mental wellness. Evidence shows work also leads to a speedier recovery. To support you in your recovery, your employer, health care providers and others will make every effort to keep you connected to your workplace. 

Learn more:

If you have any further questions on your application, the claims process, potential benefits available, or healthy and safe return to work, contact us toll-free at 1 800 999-9775 (Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.).

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