Audiologists identify and measure hearing-related impairment. They specialize in fitting hearing aids and other assistive listening devices to minimize the impact of hearing loss on a worker’s life.

Hearing test results, noise exposure history and other health-related factors help audiologists determine if a worker’s hearing loss may be caused by occupational factors.

To become a long-term hearing services provider, please contact WorkSafeNB’s purchasing manager to request the application form: Hearing Services Provider – Application for Provision of Services to WorkSafeNB, on behalf of New Brunswick Workers, Experiencing Noise Induced Hearing Loss.

List of WorkSafeNB-approved Hearing Services Providers 


Policy: Occupational Hearing Loss, WorkSafeNB
New Brunswick Association of Speech-Language Pathologists and Audiologists
Noise – Auditory Effects, CCOHS
Canadian Academy of Audiology


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