Ladder safety


Falls are a leading cause of injuries, and sharing prevention tips is one way we can help New Brunswickers stay safe. We’ve launched a ladder safety campaign focused on social sharing.

The resources include a video and infographic. Please take a look, and share with your networks!

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We started with WorkSafeNB’s Safety Reminder – Ladders fact card created in 2012. We consulted our Compliance and Regulatory Review team. We also collaborated with the CSA Group (formerly the Canadian Standards Association), which recently updated its Portable Ladders standard. 

These tools are highly sharable. We want people to share beyond WorkSafeNB. We want to spread the news as much as possible on ladder safety.

With so much content on social media, it’s a challenge to remember any information. We created a short and concise video so people will walk away remembering at least one tip – hopefully two or all three.

We wanted to share the three tips that could have the most impact on safety in New Brunswick. The tips are: choosing the right ladder for the job and work environment, not leaning outside the rails to perform work, and three-point contact when climbing up and down the ladder.

Last year, in 2018, there were more than 70 incidents (causing time loss from work) related to falls from ladders. In one incident, a worker died from the fall. The key message is ladder safety is important. In addition, risk is not always related to height. A fall from short distances can have serious – sometimes fatal – effects. Having the knowledge and safety practices to help keep yourself and others safe will help avoid injuries.

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