Farming has a long rich history in New Brunswick. Agriculture and its related industries are vital to our province’s economy, society and culture. Sadly, the farming industry also has a history of serious accidents and fatalities.

In 2019, a New Brunswick worker died of his injuries after entering a silo. WorkSafeNB’s investigation revealed that when the employee entered the silo through a manhole access door his leg got entangled in a moving auger. Following the investigation into the fatality, it was found that the employer did not identify the silo as a confined space and did not follow the regulatory requirements for confined space work, including air testing, working alone, and lockout.

WorkSafeNB wants to ensure farmers have the information and resources they need to improve safety for themselves and their workers. We remind anyone who works in the agriculture industry to pay special attention to silo safety, machine safeguarding and monthly inspections.

WorkSafeNB has developed the following resources to help farmers and farm workers stay healthy and safe.





Hazard Alerts 


Safety Talks

New Brunswick’s Occupational Health and Safety Act and regulations contain legal requirements that must be met by all New Brunswick workplaces. Many sections of the legislation have associated guidelines and publications to help workplaces meet these requirements.

This OHS Guide presents key topics to assist you – New Brunswick’s employers and employees – in understanding your legislative obligations within your workplaces. This guide provides information on topics in a summarized format – users should always refer back to the legislation or regulation for specific requirements.

We welcome your feedback. Please direct any comments or questions about this guide or its content to the Compliance and Regulatory Review department at

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