Slips, trips and falls. They hurt!

Slips, trips and falls can happen in any New Brunswick workplace.

In 2018, 1,387 New Brunswickers were hurt seriously enough from a slip, trip or fall to miss time from work. That hurts.

When you add it up, those injuries accounted for more than $21.8 million in direct costs. This doesn’t even account for indirect costs such as replacing injured workers, lost productivity, damaged property, etc. These costs are ultimately absorbed by New Brunswick employers in the form of higher assessment rates. That hurts too.

Since 2018, slips, trips and falls cost the workers’ compensation system $21.8 million annually.

That’s why we've launched the Slips, Trips and Falls campaign. In addition to raising awareness around the issue, we are challenging New Brunswickers to help us out. Anyone can do it! All it takes is a watchful eye and a commitment to looking out for your own safety, and that of your co-workers.


Did you know 23% of all lost-time claims are workers injured by slips and trips at the same level? When we think of people being injured from a fall, we often think of workers falling from heights, such as from a roof or a ladder. Who could have guessed that almost 1 in 4 injured workers got hurt by falling at the same level due to a slip or trip. That’s a lot!



Use these resources to help instill a safety mindset this winter. Posters (11x17) can be ordered from Communications. We suggest posting near entrances as a reminder before workers venture outside. The discussion guide and checklist can be printed at your workplace.  

Get Involved!



WorkSafeNB is committed in helping you to prevent these slips and trips. Our first step is to raise awareness among workers, supervisors, managers and JHSCs. We have developed resources to help you prevent slips and trips...but we want to hear from you! Tell us your slips and trips story! What’s working? What’s not working? Let us know and you could be featured in a future E-News and win cool prizes for your workplace. 

Contact to share your story. 

Give the safety talk in your own words. Use the printed talk & posters merely as a guide. The purpose of a safety meeting is to initiate discussion of safety problems and to find solutions to those problems. Encourage employees to discuss hazards they encounter on the job.  Guidelines for Use [What’s a Safety Talk?]

Here are some examples:

  • Use the discussion guide to talk about the three major causes of slips, trips and falls at same level.
  • Ask employees to share their slip and trip stories, then discuss the three major causes involved.
  • Perform an annual footwear inspection to check for wear and tear on the sole.
  • Discuss the penguin poster to prevent injuries during winter.
  • Using a map of the workplace (inside & outside), ask employees to indicate the location of slips, trips, near misses and hazards. Investigate and report back.

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